Teamsters Local 743 Endorses Geoghegan

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Teamsters Local 743 Endorses Geoghegan

Tom Geoghegan continues to pick up key endorsements in his race for Congress in the fifth district. In addition to the Teamsters (see below), we were also endorsed by the National Nurses Organizing Committee this week.


(CHICAGO) – Tom Geoghegan today received the endorsement of Teamsters Local 743.

“For a lifetime, Tom has stood up for working people and gotten results. Many times, he’s been there and no one else was,” said Richard Berg, President, Teamsters Local 743.

Teamsters Local 743 represents Chicago-are health care, technical, office, and warehouse workers. 

“I’m proud to have the support of Local 743. They represent many hard working people in the district and Chicago,” said Geoghegan. “Currently they are fighting to save jobs at the University of Chicago and I support this effort. Now is not the time to be laying off more people.”

Tom is fighting to increase economic security for people in the fifth district and across the nation. In Congress, he’ll fight to expand Social Security, create a single payer healthcare system that insures everyone, and place restraints on financial firms so college students, working people and families are no longer drowned in debt.

These initiatives have the added benefit of making America more competitive in the global marketplace.

“Unless we have government pick up the costs of pensions and health care, our companies can’t compete, and we’ll go on piling up huge trade deficits,” said Geoghegan. “For years, the conservatives have said: ‘We can’t do this. The money isn’t there.’ Well, as we’ve seen with the bailout, the money is there. And if we put that money toward health care and pensions, we make it cheaper and easier for companies to hire. This is, in fact, the best and most realistic approach for a long-term recovery.”

As a labor lawyer, Tom has fought for nurses, teachers, machinists, and other union members, as well as workers who lack the protection of a union. He has also represented Teamsters for a Democratic Union and other union rank-and-file groups seeking to root out corruption and strengthen union democracy. His efforts have helped secure health care, pensions, and lost wages for thousands of working Americans.


Thomas H. Geoghegan is a Chicago lawyer, author, and candidate for U.S. Representative from Illinois’ fifth district. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Harvard University, and lives in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.


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