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Twitter in the kitchen

Chicago Chef Rick Bayless has become rather adept at The Twitter, so much that Chicagoist interviewed him exclusively on that subject. I’m particularly impressed by this answer:

“I never wanted to use Twitter solely as a marketing tool. 90 percent of my business is behind closed doors and I wanted to use this as a means of making fans of the restaurants vested members of the Frontera family. It’s hard to do that within the context of, say, a public appearance or a book signing. I want to hear what people have to say, be able to have a conversation with them, and create a forum for discussion.”

Clearly, the guy knows his way around social media as well as he knows his way around a kitchen. Too bad he didn’t tweet our press conference last month. Of course, Ina’s has a no cell phone policy so maybe he didn’t want to take a chance.

Speaking of which, Ina has been known to pontificate on occasion. Find her at breafastqueen1.

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