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Antibiotics Action!

Industrial farms routinely feed antibiotics to chickens, pigs, and beef cattle to make them grow faster and compensate for overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions.

The only problem is, this creates antibiotic-resistant superbugs that can wreak havoc on human populations (aka people like you and me). Some folks even think we’ll reach a point where antibiotics are useless in combating disease. That is, unless we change the way we use/misuse them.

FDA is currently reconsidering the rules in place for administering drugs to livestock. In response, a thoughtful group of nonprofits has gotten together to create From this site, you can write a letter to the FDA and the White House and tell them¬† to “protect human and animal health by establishing concrete regulations and effective oversight that will protect our antibiotics.” In short, that means stop juicing our food with unnecessary drugs.

Give it a look, and consider sending a letter yourself.

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