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Live! From DC!

We continue to work with the American Lung Association on their Healthy Air Campaign. Today, one of our volunteers will be recognized by the White House for his efforts in raising awareness about the health impacts of air pollution.

Daniel Dolan-Laughlin is a retired railroad executive who resides in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the recent recipient of a life-saving double lung transplant. Suffering for many years with debilitating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Dan has first-hand experience with today’s air pollution–related health risks. As an active advocate for a healthier breathing environment, Daniel has given testimony in EPA hearings regarding power plant pollution and automobile tailpipe emissions. He also volunteers his time to meet with government officials in association with the American Lung Association in support of stronger clean air regulations. He regularly leads Lung Association “Better Breathers Club” meetings to help others cope with COPD.

The White House program, “Champions of Change: Protecting the Public Health in a Changing Climate,” recognizes citizens, public health experts, medical professionals, and community and business leaders, who are raising awareness about climate-related health effects, taking steps to reduce carbon emissions, and helping better protect their communities.

Scientists warn that the buildup of carbon pollution will create warmer temperatures which will increase the risk of unhealthful smog levels. More smog means more childhood asthma attacks and complications for those with lung disease.

The White House ceremony will be streamed live on

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