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Tom Geoghegan: Only One Thing Can Save Us

We helped Tom Geoghegan release his latest book: Only One Thing Can Save Us: Why America Needs a New Kind of Labor Movement. Mark Bazer of the Chicago-Famous “The Interview Show” moderated the discussion at the Hideout. Seminary Co Op was on hand to sell copies.

Book details from the publisher:

National Book Critics Circle Award finalist and labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan argues that even as organized labor seems to be crumbling, a revived—but different—labor movement is the only way to stabilize our economy and save the rapidly disappearing middle class.

In Only One Thing Can Save Us, Geoghegan states his case for a new movement via stories about the problems working people like his own clients, from cabdrivers to schoolteachers, now face in our largely union-free economy. He encourages readers to revisit Keynes’s original and sometimes forgotten ideas for getting the rich to invest and reducing our balance of trade, and to promote John Dewey’s vision of a “democratic way of life,” one that would start in the schools and continue in our places of work. Geoghegan points out that while as a nation we are told to seek a higher skill set, the corporate models intended to employ and support us following that education instead push workers into a life of low wages and lack of mobility.

Only One Thing Can Save Us balances acerbic, witty commentary with unparalleled insight into the real dynamics (and human experience) of working in America today.

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