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Monticello: A Play in Two Acts

In addition to our regular work with our public affairs clients, the team at Lackner/Andrews occasionally delves into the world of live theater. These days, we’re helping labor lawyer and longtime client Tom Geoghegan produce Monticello, his latest examination of democracy, freedom, and the fate of America. From the website:

In Monticello, a dying Thomas Jefferson, his estate in debt and his family in chaos, is confronted with a grim choice: Appease the wealthy interests of the young country by affirming that the Declaration of Independence does not apply to slaves, or cement his legacy and the freedom of generations of black Americans by denouncing the evil institution on which the fragile economy depends.

To resolve this dilemma, Jefferson turns to Edgar Allan Poe, a new student and burgeoning poet at the University of Virginia. Together, they examine the challenges to writing truth to power, the out-sized power of government-orchestrated fear, and the paradox of freedom in America.

Based on historical fact, Monticello is a fictional examination of what happened when the country’s architect of our freedom realizes that the whole American experiment has turned out to be a mistake.

Monticello runs through September 3 with shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m.

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