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How Chipotle helped raise over $20M in fundraisers in 2017

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When you consider today’s socially conscious consumer and the Gen Z wave to follow, putting forth these kind of numbers is no small feat.

This past year, Chipotle worked with more than 59,000 organizations for fundraisers. That’s 1,000-plus per week. These fundraisers generated donations north of $20 million for groups, everything from youth sports teams to animal rescues to school PTOs.

Rewind back a couple of years, however, and the sheer volume gives Kevin McCulloch, Chipotle’s community roots manager, equal parts anxiety and pride. That’s a lot of sticky notes, numbers written on napkins, spreadsheets, and promised call-backs at the restaurant level. It wasn’t uncommon for the team to receive upward of 500 emails per day.

“As we started discussing it more and encouraging our restaurants to participate in the program further what we found was that demand for them was overwhelming,” he says.

For participants, 33 percent of each Chipotle order their supporters place go to the organization they pick. So given the brand value, social benefit, and ability to inspire loyal and repeat guests, as well as the financial ramifications, Chipotle had a lot to gain by bettering its fundraising platform.

In stepped Voltage, Chipotle’s digital agency out of Colorado. Voltage took a look at Chipotle’s processes and recognized it needed to create a system capable of addressing several pain points.

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