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Our time with Biden

OK, so you may have noticed that there is a “VP Joe Biden visits Chicago” story in our Clients in the News section. To be perfectly honest, he really isn’t a client of ours (though we’d be happy to help out if he needs it), but Josh and I did help out.

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What’s in a (policy) name?

I read this article in Progress Illinois today and it got me thinking. One of the challenges of nationalized health care is the name itself: Socialized medicine. Single payer health care. Nationalized health care. “European-style” or worse yet, “Canadian-style.” (Canadian-style?! Sure, we’ll give their bacon a whirl… but their policy of providing.

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Teamsters Local 743 Endorses Geoghegan

Tom Geoghegan continues to pick up key endorsements in his race for Congress in the fifth district. In addition to the Teamsters (see below), we were also endorsed by the National Nurses Organizing Committee this week. TEAMSTERS LOCAL 743 ENDORSES TOM GEOGHEGAN FOR CONGRESS (CHICAGO) – Tom Geoghegan today received the endorsement.

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